JOIN US! SRCD Asian Caucus Call for Nominations for Chair-Elect, Secretary, and Student/Early Career Representative (2021-2023)

The mission of the SRCD Asian Caucus is to support researchers of Asian and Pacific Islander descent and to promote research with Asian and Pacific Islander children, youth, and families that reflects cultural and ethnic sensitivity, development in context, and diversity across Asian and Pacific Islander groups.

The SRCD Asian Caucus is currently seeking nominations for three leadership positions: Chair-Elect, Secretary, and Student/Early Career Representative. These Officers will serve on the Caucus’ Steering Committee, along with the incoming Chair for 2021-2023 (Yoonsun Choi) and Treasurer (Yan Li, term 2021-2023). Officers serve four-year terms, and the new terms will begin after the 2021 SRCD Biennial Meeting. The outgoing committee members are Richard Lee (Chair), Vaishali Raval (Secretary), and Rui Fu (Student/Early Career Representative). Please feel free to contact them or us if you have questions. 

To self-nominate or nominate someone else, please email Yoonsun Choi,, by August 15, 2020. Include the following materials:

1.       The nominee’s name, job title, organization, and the position being nominated for (Chair-Elect, Secretary, Student/Early Career Representative)

2.       A few sentences of description of the nominee and why s/he/they is a strong candidate for the position (100 words max)

3.       A CV, resume, or bio if available

Position descriptions are below.


•         Coordinates and facilitates Steering Committee meetings, in the absence of the Chair.

•         Takes the lead on internal leadership issues.

•         Coordinates SRCD pre-conference events.

•         Chairs the Nominations Committee.

•         Two years after being elected to office, assumes the Chair position at the close of the SRCD Biennial Meeting.


•         Records, reports, and archives the transactions of the Steering Committee and Caucus activities. This includes recording minutes at Caucus Steering and general membership meetings; reporting minutes after the meetings; and archiving them. 

•         Provides annual reports to the membership on the Steering Committee and Caucus activities.

•         Takes the lead on Caucus communications including those between Caucus members, Steering Committee and Caucus members, and the Caucus and external bodies.

•         Is responsible for the listserv and website

•         Archives the Caucus Policies and Procedures Manual, reports, communications, and dissemination materials.

•         When term ends, passes the archive of documents to the next Secretary.

Student/Early Career Representative

•         At the time of election, the student/early career representative must be engaged at least half-time in undergraduate, graduate, or postdoctoral training inclusive of internship and residency. The student representative will continue their term regardless of changes in student status.

•         Represents student/early career interests on the Steering Committee and provides leadership on those issues.

•         Takes the lead in coordinating career development and mentoring activities for students and other early career researchers

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