July 5, 2016


The mission of the SRCD Asian Caucus is to support researchers of Asian descent and promote research with Asian children, youth, and families that reflects (1) cultural and ethnic sensitivity, (2) development in context, and (3) diversity across Asian groups.

We seek to achieve our mission by pursuing the following goals:

a. Society for Research in Child Development

To bring issues regarding Asian/Asian-American researchers, children, youth, and families to the attention of the Executive Committee, Governing Council, the Committee on Ethnic and Racial Issues, and the Biennial Meeting Program Chair/Co-Chairs. This includes issues related to publications, programs, and events associated with SRCD as well as the broader field of child development.

b. Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development

To participate fully in the Biennial Meetings of the Society for Research in Child Development. This includes membership on the Program Committee as well as official business meetings, invited programs, and preconference events.

c. Representation on Editorial Boards

To advocate for greater representation of Asian/Asian American researchers and researchers with expertise studying Asian/Asian Americans as associate and consulting editors of SRCD and other child development publications .

d. Culturally and Ethnically Sensitive Research with Asian Populations

To promote theoretical, conceptual, and methodological developments in studying Asians, diversity across Asian groups, and child development more generally. This includes challenging ethnocentrism and stereotyping in research on Asian children, youth, and families.

e. Capacity Building

To develop greater capacity within the child development research community by improving the recruitment, retention, training, and related professional development activities of Asian/Asian American researchers. In particular, we seek to mentor students, support their career development, and provide them with networking opportunities.

f. Dissemination and Information Resource

To promote the exchange of knowledge and information between researchers and policy makers, practitioners, and Asian/Asian American communities about issues relevant to Asian children, youth, and families, with particular attention to neglected communities.

g. Funding Priorities

To advocate for Federal and non-Federal funding priorities for research proposals aimed at studying the role of key factors – i.e., language, culture, education, acculturation, immigration, income, prevention/intervention programs – in family functioning and well-being among Asian children and youth.

h. Policy and Practice

To influence policies and practices relevant to Asian children, youth, and families, with particular attention to neglected populations.

i. Partnership with Asian Researchers and Professionals

Although our primary focus is on Asian communities in the United States and Canada, we will partner with researchers and professionals in Asian communities throughout the world to better understand Asian children, youth, and families from a cross-cultural and cross-national perspective.