Call for self-nomination to serve on SRCD Asian Caucus Subcommittees

Dear Asian Caucus members,

As you know, the Asian caucus (along with other caucuses) is now a formal part of SRCD, which has increased opportunities for the caucus to be involved in many SRCD activities. In order to meaningfully engage with these opportunities, the Asian Caucus steering committee recently created nine subcommittees to build the infrastructure for the caucus that also provide leadership opportunities for our members. The steering committee would like to invite all Asian Caucus members to indicate their interest to serve on these subcommittees. The specific subcommittees and its charge descriptions are listed below. Please email  with names of subcommittees you would be interested in serving on by Oct.4th, 2019. If you are interested in more than one subcommittee, please rank order your preferences. We will try our best to accommodate your preferences, while also ensuring adequate representation across subcommittees. 

Committee nameCommittee charge
Awards subcommitteeTo oversee the selection of AC awardees

Tasks: Distribute a call for nominations for AC awards (Lifetime achievement award, early career award, outstanding contribution to research award, outstanding service award, outstanding graduate student research award) during early fall before the biennial, review applications, select and notify awardees by late fall
Finance and fundraising subcommitteeTo manage and expand fundraising efforts and oversee distribution of funds Tasks: Develop and execute fundraising initiatives
Membership subcommitteeTo promote growth of AC membership Tasks: Develop promotional materials, periodic membership survey to assess how well AC is meeting member needs
Mentorship subcommitteeTo provide mentorship opportunities and experiences Tasks: develop mentorship programs and initiatives for graduate student and early career members of AC
Nominations subcommitteeTo identify scholars to be nominated for awards and leadership positions Tasks: Coordinate with tri-caucus, ERI, and other SRCD committees to respond to requests to provide names of scholars from AC for various initiatives to ensure representation of Asian/ Asian American scholars; Develop a systematic process (e.g., a creation of a database) that allows a fair and equitable representation of scholars from AC
Outreach and communications subcommitteeTasks: Coordinate with tri-caucus with respect to webinar offerings manage social media outlets, spotlights, and post to the listserv (currently managed by Rui). Does communications include leading the communications among the subcomm.
Publications and scientific programming subcommitteeTasks: Coordinate with tri-caucus and other SRCD committees in organizing special issues, consider AC special issues in peer-reviewed journals; Coordinate activities (i.e., submission of symposia) with tri-caucus, ERI, E&J regarding programming at SRCD biennial, SRA, and other special topics conferences
Social policy subcommitteeTo oversee AC policy related matters and coordinate with tri-caucus Tasks: Identify AC members with policy relevant expertise,help prepare statements or policy-briefs about relevant research impacting Asian and Asian American children
International scholars network subcommitteeTo promote engagement among AC members outside of USA Task: Identify and oversee regional coordinators and their activities and input

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