COSSA Action: Protect the 2020 Census

SRCD wanted to share the following news with you that COSSA (of which SRCD is a governing member) has found a way to protest the action of the Census including a question on citizenship on scientific grounds.



Dear COSSA Member:

On Monday, the Department of Commerce announced that it is directing the Census Bureau to include a question about respondents’ citizenship on the 2020 Census. Given that the question is being added without any of the research and testing the Census Bureau routinely undertakes to evaluate changes to the questionnaire, this decision could affect the quality and integrity of the 2020 Census and add to its cost. COSSA opposes this decision and released a statement yesterday.

Census data is too important to risk an untested question that has not been fielded since 1950. The decennial census is an irreplaceable source of data for researchers across the social sciences who use it to generate valuable findings about the U.S. population that can be used to inform evidence-based policies. In addition, information from the decennial census undergirds numerous other surveys and data sets at the Census Bureau and beyond, so a problem at the source would have far-reaching implications across the statistical system. We have no way of knowing what future insights will be lost if this data is compromised.

Visit our TAKE ACTION page to tell your Members of Congress to reject this decision and protect the integrity and accuracy of the 2020 Census by passing legislation to remove this question.

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