Asian Caucus Call for Nominations for Chair-Elect, Secretary, and Student Representative

The SRCD Asian Caucus is currently seeking nominations for three leadership positions: Chair-Elect, Secretary, and Student Representative. These Officers will serve on the Caucus’ Steering Committee, along with the incoming Chair for 2017-2019 (Charissa Cheah) and Treasurer (Virginia Huynh, term 2015-2019). Officers serve four-year terms, and the new terms will begin after the 2017 SRCD Biennial Meeting.

To self-nominate or nominate someone else, please email Charissa Cheah,, by August 15, 2016. Include the following materials:

1. The nominee’s name, job title, organization, and the position being nominated for (Chair-Elect, Secretary, Student Representative)

2. A few sentences of description of the nominee and why he/she is a strong candidate for the position (100 words max)

3. A CV, resume, or bio if available

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