August 10, 2016


The 2019 EADP-EARA-SRA Summer School Opportunity for Doctoral Students

In 2019, EADP, EARA and SRA will again jointly organize a Summer School focusing on research on adolescence. The Summer School is a training ground for young scholars interested in adolescent development. The Summer Schools bring together established researchers, recognized for their expertise and teaching abilities with doctoral students from ...
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Tri-Caucus Webinar on March 1, 2019: Innovative and Mixed Methods in Understanding Development

Webinar Description: Tri-Caucus scholars will be presenting on innovative research methods to study developmental processes of underrepresented or marginalized groups. Specifically, Drs. Bámaca-Colbert, Neblett, and Subrahmanyam will share their perspectives on the following questions: What are the different research questions that can be asked using this method that cannot be answered ...
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A Cheat Sheet to Upcoming Asian Caucus and Tri-Caucus Events at SRCD 2019

Interested in connecting with other members of our Caucus as well as colleagues from the Tri-Caucus at SRCD2019? Be sure to check out this handy at-a-glance checklist for quick reference ...
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Order your Asian Caucus T-shirt and be ready to show your support and pride at SRCD 2019!

Order your Asian Caucus T-shirt today before the close date for our T-shirt fundraiser (Feb. 15)! We will have a Tri-Caucus T-shirt day at SRCD 2019 (more details to follow) where we all proudly wear our Caucus t-shirts to show our support and pride. ...
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SRCD Preconference scholarship opportunity for early career scholars and graduate students. DUE SOON!

Are you attending the preconference on " Conceptualizing and measuring culture, context, race and ethnicity: A focus on science, ethics, and collaboration in the Spirit of 2044"? If so, please consider applying for the WT scholarship! It is due on FEB 15, so please submit your application  as soon as possible if ...
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