August 10, 2016


MARK YOUR CALENDAR! 5/28 SRCD Webinar: Supporting Asian/Asian American Children and Youth during the COVID-19 Pandemic

This 60-minute webinar, co-sponsored by SRCD’s Asian Caucus, gives parents, caregivers, and educators a chance to ask leading child development experts pressing questions on how to support Asian and Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) children during the coronavirus pandemic.How can parents support their kids if they or their friends are ...
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SRCD Asian Caucus COVID-19 Pandemic Statement

Dear Asian Caucus members On behalf of the Asian Caucus steering committee, I hope this post finds you and your families well. When the COVID-19/Coronavirus outbreak first emerged, it was hard to imagine it would lead to a world-wide pandemic that would shut down governments, businesses, schools, and public spaces ...
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May 2020 Spotlight, Cindy H. Liu, Ph.D.

This month, we are delighted to introduce Dr. Cindy Liu (CHLIU@BWH.HARVARD.EDU) as our member in spotlight. Cindy is currently an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School. Her areas of investigation include the measurement and mechanisms of psychosocial stress, cultural differences in socio-emotional development, and developmental and culturally based interventions that reduce ...
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April 2020 Spotlight, Pilyoung Kim, Ph.D.

This month, we are delighted to introduce Dr. Pilyoung Kim ( as our member in spotlight. Pilyoung is currently an Associate Professor and the Director of Family & Child Neuroscience Labin the Department of Psychology at the University of Denver. 1)What drew you to do work on Asians, Asian American ...
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February 2020 Spotlight, Kaveri Subrahmanyam,Ph.D.

This month, we are delighted to introduce Dr. Kaveri Subrahmanyam ( as our member in spotlight. Kaveri is currently a Professor in the Department of Psychology in the College of College of Natural and Social Sciences at the California State University. She is the Director of the Media and Language ...
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